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Methionine Essential for Milk Protein Production

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AminoShure®-M Precision Release Methionine

The Milk Protein Builder


AminoShure®-M Precision Release Methionine is the next generation in rumen-protected methionine, utilizing an all-natural lipid coating to protect it from being destroyed in the rumen. This revolutionary product was engineered to bypass the rumen and release its methionine payload gradually in the small intestine to provide a greater impact on milk protein synthesis.

  • Protein Builder - Methionine is not only essential in dairy cattle, it’s among the first amino acids in short supply when a dairy cow synthesizes protein. Without this vital building block a cow simply cannot synthesize milk protein, reducing the amount that is secreted into the mammary gland and ultimately sold to the consumer.
  • Gradual Release Technology - AminoShure-M is engineered to release its methionine payload gradually in the small intestine providing a continual supply of methionine to the milk protein-producing cells.
  • Feed Stable - The next generation coating was designed to withstand the rigors of being mixed in feeds.


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