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Chelated Minerals

High Bioavailability, Exceptional Value, Real Results

Piles of Minerals

KeyShure® Chelated Minerals and SoluKey™ Water Soluble Chelated Minerals combine excellent quality and reasonable prices to provide the best value per unit of bioavailable nutrient.

  • High bioavailability - Chelation maximizes a mineral's bioavailability, establishing a protective chemical bond between a mineral and an appropriate organic compound.  It is here, at the molecular level, that Balchem technology makes the difference. 

  • Excellent quality - Balchem uses scientific and manufacturing expertise to maximize the availability of organically bound mineral in our products.  We keep it simple by focusing on the endpoint - binding minerals to high-quality, plant-protein-derived amino acids.

  • Exceptional value - As a major ingredient supplier, Balchem leverages its purchasing power, efficient manufacturing processes and pricing to provide an extremely high-quality product.  The result is the lowest cost per unit of organically bound mineral in the industry.

Balchem’s line of chelated minerals deliver results you can count on.

  • KeyShure® Chelated Minerals Deliver exceptional value and bioavailability
  • SoluKey™ Water Soluble Chelated Minerals Provide exceptional value and performance in a form that’s soluble in water