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Chelated Trace Minerals

Trace minerals are essential nutrients required by all animals to maintain health and maximize productivity. Even moderate deficiencies can adversely impact performance. Typically nutrient deficiencies are thought to be caused by under-feeding. However, trace mineral deficiencies are often seen in diets that appear, on paper, to contain adequate amounts of the mineral. This is because trace minerals are very reactive and interact with other compounds in the feed and digestive tract to create new molecules that are no longer bioavailable to the animal. Chelated trace minerals were invented to block these damaging reactions, allowing the trace minerals to be absorbed and utilized by the animal.

Chelated trace minerals are essential trace minerals that have been attached to a carbon–hydrogen based molecule which acts as a ligand. Ligands most frequently used include amino acids, peptides and proteins.

Scientific data, from across livestock species and production systems, demonstrate that chelated minerals improve animal performance, reduce reactivity with vitamins and reduce mineral excretion into the environment.



KeyShure® Precision Release Minerals offer the winning combination of quality and value. You get the exceptional quality you expect from a world-class manufacturer and the no-frills, value-based pricing you need to maximize profitability.

  • High bioavailability - Chelation maximizes bioavailability, establishing a protective chemical bond between a mineral and an appropriate organic compound. It is here, at the molecular level, that Balchem’s technology makes the difference.
  • Excellent quality - Balchem uses scientific and manufacturing expertise to maximize the bioavailability of chelated minerals in our products. We keep it simple by focusing on the endpoint – binding minerals to high-quality, plant-protein-derived amino acids.
  • Exceptional value - As a major ingredient supplier, Balchem leverages its purchasing power and efficient manufacturing processes to provide no-frills, value-based pricing for an extremely high-quality product.

KeyShure® Precision Release Minerals are the industry standard for combining excellent quality and reasonable prices to provide the best value per unit of bioavailable mineral.


Repeatable Results. . .

Over the last 40 years, numerous research trials have proven the importance of bioavailable mineral supplementation for both ruminant and monogastric animals. High-quality, chelated minerals deliver the consistent bioavailability the animal needs to maximize performance.

However, not all chelated minerals perform the same. Two studies, conducted at the University of Florida, demonstrate the repeatable and consistent superiority of KeyShure® Precision Release Minerals relative to trace mineral bioavailability, in both monogastric and ruminant animals. Eight commercial chelated zinc products were compared to zinc sulfate, the standard inorganic form of zinc used in feeds. Only one product was statistically superior in trace mineral bioavailability to the control. KeyShure Zinc demonstrated 130% bioavailability in ruminants and 119% bioavailability in monogastrics compared to zinc sulfate. The study was repeated two years later and again, KeyShure Zinc demonstrated superior bioavailability.


Proven Performance

Mineral bioavailability leads to consistent and predictable performance in the animal. One key aspect of demonstrating the high bioavailability of a chelated trace mineral source is its ability to improve animal performance in the presence of a trace mineral antagonist.

In a study conducted at the Virginia Diversified Research Corporation, the difference between zinc sources was very apparent in the presence of antagonists. KeyShure allowed broilers to achieve better growth (Figure 1), feed conversion (Figure 2), and lower mortality rates (not shown). KeyShure Zinc was the most bioavailable chelated trace mineral source because it was able to counteract the antagonists, allowing birds to achieve the greatest body weight at 42 days of age with the best feed efficiency. The other trace mineral sources were not as bioavailable.


The impact of a trace mineral antagonist on growth (42 day body weight and feed conversion) was significant:

  • The antagonist depressed broiler growth by 14% and feed conversion rate by 16%.
  • Supplemental zinc sulfate could not counteract the antagonist. Broiler weight was reduced by 13% on this diet.
  • Feeding KeyShure Zinc overcame the effect of the antagonist and restored performance.
  • Other commercially available chelated trace minerals only partially compensated for the antagonist’s effect on weight gain and feed efficiency.


Real Results

Real Results. That’s what it all comes down to. Results you can count on, results to help you meet your goals. Results are more than numbers on a spreadsheet – they’re about tangible outcomes. Real results are about healthier, more productive animals. They're about a plentiful and wholesome food supply and they’re about the satisfaction that comes with a job well done.

KeyShure® Precision Release Minerals were designed with your results in mind.

1. Performance Results

Feeding KeyShure® Precision Release Minerals in the diet can minimize the impact of antagonistic compounds in feed, water and the digestive tract, making trace minerals more available to the animal, which can improve health and productivity.

2. Profitability Results

With a no-frills, value-based approach to producing and supplying chelated trace minerals, you can be assured that you only pay for what you need – high-quality, bioavailable minerals that will enhance animal performance. Increased savings and improved performance are a profitable combination.

3. Environmental Results

Feeding KeyShure® Precision Release Minerals can help improve mineral absorption in the small intestine, thus supporting optimum performance and decreasing mineral excretion into the environment.

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