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Precision Release Minerals Information Sheet


KeyShure® Precision Release Minerals and SoluKey Water Soluble Precision Release Minerals combine exceptional quality with fair pricing to provide the best price per unit of bioavailable nutrient delivered to the animal.


Product Specifications:

KeyShure® Precision Release Minerals

  Zinc Copper Manganese Cobalt Iron Calcium Magnesium Potassium
KeyShure® Zinc 15%              
KeyShure® Copper   15%            
KeyShure® Manganese     15%          
KeyShure® Cobalt       10%        
KeyShure® Iron         15%      
KeyShure® Calcium           20%    
KeyShure® Magnesium             10%  
KeyShure® Potassium               20%
KeyPlex 842 8% 2% 4%          
KeyShure® Dairy 5.15% 1.8% 2.86% 0.18%        


SoluKey Water Soluble Precision Release Minerals

  Zinc Copper Manganese Cobalt Iron Calcium Magnesium Potassium
SoluKey Zinc 15%              
SoluKey Copper   12%            
SoluKey Manganese     15%          
SoluKey Iron         15%      
SoluKey Magnesium             10%  


Chelated trace minerals for cattle, swine, poultry, aquaculture, and pet food.

Feeding Recommendations:
Balchem recommends replacing approximately 50% of the supplemental inorganic trace minerals required to meet National Research Council (NRC) recommended levels with KeyShure® Precision Release Minerals.

It is very common for nutritionists to formulate diets with trace mineral levels in excess of the levels recommended by the NRC. This is often done to compensate for potential antagonists in feeds that can render trace minerals ineffective. However, feeding higher trace mineral levels can in itself negatively affect utilization. Higher trace mineral cost and increasing concern over trace mineral excretion into the environment make this strategy even less attractive. Feeding KeyShure® Precision Release Minerals can help overcome the effects of antagonists, thus supporting optimum performance and decreasing mineral excretion into the environment.

Store under dry conditions in unopened bags.

25 kg (55 lb.) poly-line bags

Shelf life:
Minimum five years, if kept dry in unopened bags

Independent research studies confirm that KeyShure® Precision Release Minerals:

  • Are more bioavailable than inorganic trace minerals.
  • Are more bioavailable than any other organic trace minerals.
  • Provides superior performance in both monogastric and ruminant animals.

NitroShure™ Precision Release Nitrogen is a valuable tool for helping producers and nutritionists reduce ration costs while increasing the amount of high-quality protein available to the cow.

  • High bioavailability - Chelation maximizes bioavailability, establishing a protective chemical bond between a mineral and an appropriate organic compound. It is here, at the molecular level, that Balchem’s technology makes the difference.
  • Excellent quality - Balchem uses scientific and manufacturing expertise to maximize the bioavailability of chelated mineral in our products. We keep it simple by focusing on the endpoint - binding minerals to high-quality, plant-protein-derived amino acids.
  • Exceptional value - As a major ingredient supplier, Balchem leverages its purchasing power and efficient manufacturing processes to provide no-frills, value- based pricing for an extremely high-quality product. The result is the lowest cost per unit of organically bound (chelated) mineral in the industry.

For more than 40 years, Balchem has perfected the art of delivering nutrients to specific locations under many different environmental conditions. Today Balchem’s technologies protect more than 140 different products across human, animal and industrial applications. Protect your entire nutrient investment with Balchem.