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NiaShure Precision Release Niacin

Turn Down the Heat, Turn Up the Production

Improve lactation performance with the most efficient encapsulated niacin available today. Adding NiaShure™ Precision Release Niacin to your rations cools cows from the inside out by increasing blood flow and sweating rates, which can protect cells from damage caused by heat stress. The result is cooler cows and more milk production.


NiaShure™ Precision Release Niacin is approximately 85% rumen stable. Delivering eight times more bioavailable niacin to the small intestine than raw niacin, NiaShure™ overcomes rumen degradation for a more efficient delivery.

To learn more about NiaShure™ Precision Release Niacin, please contact one of our nutrition experts in your area by clicking here.

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Nutrient Encapsulation Technology

Balchem’s encapsulation technology ensures maximum nutrient absorption, reduced risk and maximum productivity. The benefits start at the feed mill. Our encapsulation method helps our products resist temperature and storage degradation to ensure that maximum nutrient value is retained during the time between our factory and the cows. The encapsulation also offers superior rumen protection, making sure the nutrients get absorbed to help maximize animal productivity.

Rumen Chart

Without encapsulation, 94% of unprotected niacin is broken down in the rumen resulting in only 6% rumen bypass. With Shure encapsulation technology, nearly 90% of NiaShure™ niacin bypasses the rumen and is available to the cow.



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