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Methionine Essential for Milk Protein Production

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Our mission is to build customer confidence by providing state-of-the-art nutritional solutions, world-class service and support, and the finest quality products including our productivity-boosting portfolio of encapsulated nutrients, chelated minerals, and choline - an essential nutrient for animals.

We invite you to further explore our line of innovative products and discover how they can help meet your business needs. Click on the left menu or the links below to learn more.

Encapsulated Nutrients Chelated Minerals Choline Chloride
AminoShure®-M KeyShure® Aqueous solution
NiaShure™ SoluKey™ 75% choline chloride
NitroShure™   70% choline chloride
VitaShure®-C   Vegetable carrier
    70% choline chloride
    60% choline chloride
    CholFlow™ 70% choline chloride
— enhanced flowability
    CholFine™ 70% choline chloride
— extra fine particles
    Silica carrier
    50% choline chloride