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ReaShure® Precision Release Choline

Get cows off to a fast start with ReaShure®.


Dairy Cows in ParlorReaShure® Precision Release Choline is an encapsulated choline product that protects the choline from rumen degradation and delivers it to the small intestine where it is absorbed.  Choline is essential for health of animals and humans because it’s a biochemical building block and precursor to numerous compounds involved in supporting life.

In dairy cattle, choline is required to help the liver process and metabolize fat during the critical transition period.  A healthy and properly functioning liver can help cows transition more smoothly and helps them get off to a faster and more productive start to their lactation.

  • Supports Fat Metabolism - Cows experience hormonal changes and negative energy balance around calving time which causes fat to be mobilized from body stores.
  • Supports Milk Fat Synthesis - The cow’s liver uses choline to package the mobilized fat into very low density lipoproteins (VLDL) which are then transported to the mammary gland and used as a fuel source or synthesized into milk fat. 
  • Reduces Ketosis - If cows are deficient in choline, fat cannot be transported out of the liver and is stored there.  Because the liver has limited ability to store fat it is diverted toward the production of ketones which enter the blood stream and may elevate to the point of toxicity (ketosis), causing reduced feed intake and consequently reduces milk yield.

Through advancements in nutrient delivery technologies we can now meet the choline requirement for the transition cow, helping to optimize liver function, reducing the risk of metabolic disorders and supporting fertility, milk yield and overall health.


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