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Maximizing Swine Health and Productivity


PigSwine operations depend on optimized rations for maximum health and productivity.

Balchem's swine products include:

Choline Chloride Choline is a biochemical building block and precursor to numerous compounds involved in supporting life.   Choline plays a key role in fat metabolism, reproductive performance, muscle development and overall animal productivity.

KeyShure® and SoluKey™ Chelated Minerals are very high-quality trace minerals designed to deliver the highest level of bioavailable trace mineral at the lowest cost per unit of nutrient delivered to the animal. 

VitaShure®-C Precision Release Vitamin C is a feed stable form of Vitamin C. VitaShure-C will maintain optimum nutrient potency during pelleting, processing and storage.  This helps feed meet guaranteed shelf life requirements, providing maximum nutritional and health benefits.

PigsBalchem's swine products deliver:

  • Quality you can count on.
  • Service and support you can trust.
  • Research you can believe in.
  • Results you can take to the bank.





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