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Balchem’s Real Science Initiative

2016 Call for Proposals

Balchem Research InitiativeThe Initiative:  Balchem Corporation is pleased to announce a call for fundamental and applied research proposals in the area of animal nutrition and health.  Balchem is a global leader in the manufacture of choline chloride, an essential nutrient for dairy, swine, poultry, and companion animals and specialty nutritional products derived from unique encapsulation and chelation technologies. For more information about Balchem’s Animal Nutrition and Health Division and products, please visit our website (anh.balchem.com).  The intent of the Balchem Research Initiative is to develop research partnerships to enhance animal production and efficiency. Potential areas of research in animal nutrition and health may include but are not limited to:

  1. New applications of existing products, new product concepts, or new delivery technologies that will result in improved efficacy of nutrient utilization in livestock production.
  2. Increase the understanding of the linkage between nutrition and the immune system to facilitate the design of dietary regimes that will reduce disease susceptibility in livestock and optimize the production of safe and nutritious food products.
  3. Increase the understanding of ruminal nitrogen metabolism and metabolizable amino acid requirements to improve protein efficiency in ruminants.
  4. Increase the understanding of choline metabolism, including interactions between choline and other nutrients involved in one carbon metabolism in transition and lactating cows.

The process calls for prepropsals to be submitted by October 1, 2016.  Authors of pre-proposals with the greatest merit will be asked to submit a more detailed full proposal.  Questions regarding the initiative may be addressed to Dr. Barbara Barton at researchproposals@balchem.com.

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